Tot Spot Academy believes that the classroom environment is a close second to the quality of the teacher. Teaching materials are thoughtfully added to each classroom to promote creativity, open ended thinking, problem solving skills, questions, experimentation, and hands on play. The classrooms are purposefully designed and laid out to provide an optimal learning environment.

Tot Spot Academy has very little turnover, so the majority of our children move up to their new classrooms in September when some of our children head off to Kindergarten. Our classrooms are designed to provide children with a year of consistent care and programming prior to moving up to their new class.

Programming planning

Weekly program planning is completed by each team for the children within their classroom. We adapt our programming to offer scaffold learning without causing frustration based on each child’s needs.

Clear communication

Parents receive daily photos and updates which help keep them in the loop. The classroom team shares events, activities, meals, and kudos for amazing progress.

Sensory and open-ended experiences

Tot Spot Academy loves sensory experiences and believes that they should be a part of everyday learning.

Engaging guests

Tot Spot Academy does not conduct bussed field trips. Instead we bring in engaging guests and activities such as: reptile presentations, live penguins, yoga, music and movement classes, and musical theater.