Alfie Kohn
If children feel safe, they can take risks, ask questions, make mistakes, learn to trust, share their feelings, and grow.

The Preschool Enrichment program is an extension upon the regular preschool program and is designed to further skills, learning opportunities and deepen their knowledge of familiar concepts.. Children build upon their independence skills in a loving environment. They are free to explore, take risks and figure out how their world works.

The programming for all of our classrooms is done by the classroom team. This allows the team to target areas of growth and strength with that current group of students. The Preschool Enrichment program spends the majority of their day doing structured activities. The teachers scaffold their students learning by splitting into small groups or pulling children for 1:1 support.

Age: Typically 4 years – 5 years (ability based)

Kindergarten skills

A majority of the Preschool Enrichment Programming is based off the Kindergarten and Grade one curriculum.


Focus on Independence

Child are active participants in their environment. They take part in maintaining, preparing and organizing their learning environment.


Scaffolding learning

The Enrichment Preschool team scaffolds each child’s learning by assessing their current skills and prior knowledge before introducing new concepts.


Access to materials

The Enrichment classroom has open access to art materials including scissors, paint and markers. An emphasis on being a respectful artist and taking care of their learning environment helps to promote good choices with open ended materials.