Tiny Tots

O. Fred Donaldson
Children learn as they play. Most importantly, in play children learn how to learn.

The Tiny Tot’s Room provides a gentle introduction to care. For most of our children, this is their first daycare experience and we aim to make it a positive one. Our teachers work to build meaningful, trusting relationships with all of the children.  Our Tiny Tot’s room is equipped with Ergo baby carriers which allow younger tots who want to be carried,  to be carried, while still giving the caregivers the ability to interact with the other children.

The Tiny Tots Room follows a daily schedule which allows predictability and routine within the classroom. They begin to engage in circle time which includes songs, musical instruments, stories, rhymes and fingerplays. Our tinies tots are introduced to crafts and process-based art as well as a variety of fine and gross motor activities. 

The Tiny Tots are stimulated through open-ended toys, interactions with their care providers, a variety of sensory activities and stimulating learning opportunities. Tiny Tot Room parents are provided with a monthly calendar which outlines themes, concepts, exciting activities and important events. This room is language rich and our babies are introduced to basic American Sign Language which helps to foster oral language and eliminate communication frustration.

Age: 11 months – 24 months

Loving Touch

We believe that touch is the key to connection. We offer snuggles, being carried, and human touch throughout the day.


Beginning programming

Babies are introduced to a routine and programming


Consistent Communication

ur teachers mark all important information such as nap times, how your child ate and bowel movements in our communication app.



Our baby room participates in almost all of the exciting activities that our older children engage in such as the adventure bus, yoga, theater performances, music class, reptile and penguin presentations.