Vince Gowmon
You cannot make people learn. You can only provide the right conditions for learning to happen.

Our Senior Toddler classroom is a room full of excitement and engaging activities. Arguably the busiest class with the most skill development, the Senior Toddlers work to further promote independence via potty training, dressing and self care skills while supporting language and motor development.

The Senior Toddler classroom participates circle time twice a day which allows the Senior Toddlers to actively engage in activities such as stories, rhymes, finger plays, puppet shows, calendar and direct concept teaching experiences. Our toddlers are encouraged to partake in crafts and process based art activities.

Our Senior Toddler classroom begins to work on Preschool skills such as name identification, fine motor pre-printing practice and building on independence.

Senior Toddler Room parents are provided with a monthly calendar which outlines themes, concepts, exciting activities and important events. Our programming is completed monthly by our teachers is based on the interests and ability levels of the children within the room.

Age: 2 years – 3 years

Emerging independence

Our Senior Toddlers build upon their emerging independence by keeping their cubbies and belongings accessible to the children throughout the day.


Engaging programming

Our Senior Toddler classroom partakes in theme based, programming that is planned by the classroom team based on the skills and abilities of the children in the classroom.


Increased Programming

The Senior Toddler classroom has increased length of circle times and concepts as well as more small group and 1:1 focused teaching.


Scaffolding learning

Assessments are completed to ensure that our small group and 1:1 programming is at a “just right” level for the children it is targetting.