Emilia comes from a large family with many little ones. She has loved working with kids of all ages in a variety of settings, including volunteering as a youth group leader in her church for over 6 years. She has been certified in Early Learning and Child Care and is working towards receiving her diploma. She loves nurturing children’s innate curiosity and wonder as they discover and learn about the world. Some of Emilia’s favourite aspects of working with children is sharing her joy of music and nature with the children.

Favourite Food

Potatoes (in any form)

Favourite Activity

Reading, playing guitar, camping/anything outdoors

Favourite Colour

Viridian (green)

Random Fact

I have my Irish citizenship but have yet to make my way to Ireland. It’s been my dream to travel to my Grandmother’s homeland since I was a little kid. 💚

Favourite Drink

Coffee (with oatmilk)